Basic Leadership Training

Basic Leadership Training

Basic Leadership Training

The basic leadership training is a practical leadership program that provides you with a solid toolbox you can use in your daily management. You'll enhance both your professional and personal leadership skills, becoming more aware of your personal leadership style. You'll learn how to motivate your employees and strengthen the company's productivity.

This training is a valuable investment for both you and your company!

Target Audience

The training is aimed at new managers and experienced managers who need to acquire more leadership tools.

What You'll Gain

After 13 days of the Basic Leadership Training, you will have:
  • Solid insights into your role as a leader and your role as a personnel manager
  • Competence to motivate employees
  • Tools to ensure effective dialogue with each employee and provide constructive feedback
  • Training in conflict resolution and conducting difficult conversations
  • Knowledge of how to conduct efficient meetings and deliver a message
  • Tools for prioritizing and delegating tasks.

Teaching Methodology

The teaching is based on participants' own experiences. This way, you'll learn to reflect on your own and others' leadership styles, gaining perspective on your own leadership approach. The teaching alternates between presentations, group or plenary discussions, and practical exercises.

The Basic Leadership Training consists of five modules, each focusing on different aspects of leadership tasks. Between each module, you'll complete a practical task based on your workplace. This approach helps you apply the theory from the training to practical leadership in your daily life.

Recommendations from Participants

If you're considering taking a leadership course at Learnmark, you can receive guidance and recommendations directly from our participants on why it's a great idea.

Course Modules

  • Leadership and collaboration 
  • Communication as a management tool
  • management of meetings
  • Conflict management as a leadership tool
  • Applying situational leadership
  • Change management (employee involvement in management)